Lucy Fiddyment
ITEC Dip. Cert. MCThA

Sports Massage Therapist
​Reflexologist &  Reiki Master
07729 646 443

​​Advanced Facial Reflexology
using the Bergman method

Like our feet and hands our faces provide us with insight into what is going on within our body. Our faces also contain reflex points which correspond to our body organs via the nervous system. Facial Reflex points enable me to read which areas of the body are out of balance. By stimulating these reflexes I am able to relax you into a heavenly state whilst stimulating fresh blood flow within the face and much deeper within the body organs.

Although I will be working on your face I will, in fact be working different areas of your body, enabling the beauty of easing that bad back or neck and shoulders and easing the stress on that mind, all through your face.  This stimulation will also help to clear any localised facial blockages, extra benefit for those that suffer with conditions such as sinus related and other problems such as Bells Palsy and Neuralgia.

Facial Reflexology is wonderfuly relaxing and will help to ease the stress away, improve ailments and general well-being whilst smoothing your skin, and improving facial tone.  You will be boosted inside and out.
​​When I treat with Reflexology I also work with healing and rebalancing our internal energy and Chakras on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, often helping people with their path and direction within life as well as the more obvious healing and balancing aspect.  So if you should be feeling a bit 'stuck' in life, Reflexology may be able to help clear the path for you, enabling clearer vision.

Reflexology is fantastic for reducing stress and fatigue and inducing relaxation, not only during the treatment but with a weekly course of 3 to 6 clearing and balancing treatments followed by a regular session every 4 or 6 weeks you will feel less stressed and find that you are able to cope with situations much easier*.  Any lacking self confidence will improve, really helping you with that better outlook on life which will help to improve your life.

Reflexology is a wonderful preventative therapy, catching that stress and those ailments early, helping to keep them at bay or lessening the affect on the body, mind and spirit.  A regular 4 or 6 week session will help to keep your body in balance*

I am attuned as a Reiki Master and my Reiki Energy is strong and I am always connected with it.  When I treat, Reiki Healing automatically comes through and though not as intense as a dedicated Reiki Healing session this is an added healing bonus for all of my clients.  Reiki Healing helps with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and can also help with clearing blockages that are 'holding you back' in life and help in self advancement.


Please allow an additional up to 30 minutes on your first appointment
for consultation and assessment.

All cancellations not made within 24 hours will be charged at full price.​ 
If you are late for your appointment I cannot guarantee the length of your appointment


*dependant on environment